Off Target: Check Your Assumptions


Target’s recent announcement of a new transgender restroom policy has left many conservatives in an uproar. As a result of almost non-stop public debate and media coverage of announcements similar to this one as well as state laws affirming or denying the rights of trangenders to use the bathroom of their choice, there has been a flurry of people taking to social media and other online outlets to express their opinion on the matter.

Beyond the fact that many of these people seem unreasonably angry, I have been troubled by some of the false assumptions that seem to be the foundation of so much of this outrage. I am not saying that people are not entitled to their opinion, but I am saying that much of the irrational anger seems to be a result of beliefs or assumptions that just are not true. Here are some of the false assumptions that I have seen quite frequently over the last week.

  • False assumption # 1: Public restrooms are safe. One of the more common arguments I have heard is that now bathrooms aren’t safe for kids anymore. My initial reaction when I read this was disbelief. I thought, “Please tell me that these people don’t think that public restrooms just now became unsafe!” As a parent of four small children, I have never considered public restrooms safe. As far as the safety or accessibility of a restroom for my children, this policy has no bearing. I don’t care who is or isn’t allowed into the restroom, I am not assuming that my children are safe there. I have and will continue to accompany my children into the restroom and I would urge you to do the same.
  • False assumption # 2: A transgender person poses a greater threat than anyone else. There is no reason to believe that this is the case. Regardless of one’s moral opinion of their lifestyle, it is unjust to assume that a transgender person is any more likely to cause harm than any other person who enters a public restroom.
  • False assumption # 3: Predators will now have greater access to potential victims. This is one of the most ridiculous assumptions of all. It basically assumes that criminals, predators and just generally bad people are deterred by a sign or a policy. If someone is determined to do something wrong or violent, they are going to do so whether or not there are signs allowing them access.
  • False assumption # 4: Public restrooms are a right. I know that we have come to appreciate and expect that most major retailers provide public restrooms, but we can’t forget that public restrooms are a service provided by businesses for our convenience. Whether you like it or not, a business has the right to formulate their own policies. In response, of course, you aren’t obligated to use their restroom or shop at their store.
  • False assumption # 5: If I’m afraid, I can do or say whatever I want. Though most will not say they believe this, their actions betray them. I see men and women who claim to be Christians using their personal fear to justify hateful and irresponsible speech and actions. They may fear harm coming to their children or they may just fear change and those who are different than them. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether or not the fear is legitimate, though. Fear is not a justification for sinful behavior and it is certainly not a legitimate decision making criteria. After all, God has not given us the Spirit of fear, but of power, love and self-control. (2Timothy 1:7). I know there are some legitimate reasons to have fear, but we must not allow that fear to control us.
  • False assumption # 6: Being angry about transgenders using their preferred restroom is equal to standing up for God. This assumption pops up every time there is a social or cultural shift, most recently in regard to issues regarding the LGBT community. Basically, Christians who believe that homosexuality and transgenderism are sins also believe that it is their Christian duty to angrily lash out at everyone in a public way. I have seen Christians and even those in ministry lashing out about these social and cultural changes with the honest belief that it is pleasing to God. Your angry social media rant might make you feel better, but it is not honoring God and it is not drawing men and women to Christ. Instead, these angry rants push people away and build additional barriers that must be overcome before they will come to Christ.

As a pastor, my primary concern in writing and sharing these thoughts is the edification of the body of Christ. I believe that the best hope for our culture is for the body of Christ to step up and behave like the body of Christ. If you are troubled by the state of our culture, I would urge you to put less energy into expressing your anger and instead put your energy into personally reaching out to those who need the Savior. Pray for them, serve them, love them and even be willing to sacrifice your personal convenience for an opportunity to minister to them.



Photo by Jay Reed (Flickr) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


48 responses to “Off Target: Check Your Assumptions

  1. I agree with your false assumption #5. Speaking for myself it is not the transgender that bothers me. You cannot deny with stores making us all equal in that bathroom this WILL most definitely bring out the sexual predator . It will now become easier for them to act. Being a victim of rape and molestation this change has put a fear in me. I have reminded myself God is my protector and fear He did not give me a spirit of fear. They need to find another way.

    • I’m sorry sheila but this is ridiculous. Do you believe that someone would go through the hormone therapy, painful surgery and overall ridicule that society is lavishing upon them at the moment JUST to rape you? Just to be a violent, hate filled person that media makes them out to be? That’s like saying that priests go through years of schooling, training and service to their community just so they can get little boys alone and rape them. It has no merit.

      Personally, I believe that it is less likely that a transgender person would molest you (or even care about you) in a public place than a male rapist would follow you into the ladies room… See Joshua’s assumption 3 where he states “It basically assumes that criminals, predators and just generally bad people are deterred by a sign or a policy.”

      Being transgender does not make you evil or bad just as being a man, woman, priest, nun, construction worker, cop or anything else does. There are bad people in the world but allowing GOOD PEOPLE who see them selves as different than the way they were born to be discriminated upon and hated for it will never bring about peace or understanding in this world.

    • Were your abusers strangers who approached out of the blue in public places? Because, as a fellow survivor, it would surprise me if that was the case. Statistically, that is the exception for rape, and much more of an anomoly for molestation. With this whole uproar, I have just wanted to rant about this fear everyone has that predators will come out of the woodwork to prey on girls and women in bathrooms. The vast majority of child predators are family members, teachers, or trusted friends of the family. They groom their victims over time. They create and then betray trust. That dynamic is not going to change. Their patterns are not likely to become so vastly different that they risk being caught in a restroom grabbing a little girl when someone could just walk in. Likewise, of the relatively few rapists who might set upon a woman in a restroom, it seems absurd to think they will be emboldened by the fact that now they can put on a dress to walk into one where people will see and accept them because of the new rules, and then rape or even abduct them. I don’t know your story, but that narrative just seems unlikely to me. A predator who would hunt in a bathroom is already doing it, and it’s not in a Target store. It’s in a secluded park or campground, on a trail, or a poorly lit outdoor convenience store restroom, where what they’re wearing and whether they’re allowed is of no more consequence today than it was a year ago. These fears are not rational.

      • Well, Lets see. At 7, an unknown man exposed himself to me. At 8 an unknown man exposed himself to me. At 15 a group of unknown boys approximate ages 10-12 surrounded me and grabbed, pinched breasts, front and backside. At 18, a man entered the grocery store where I worked, walked down to the milk aisle and ran his hands up and down the front of a 10 year old girl. She’d never seen him before. There are other sexual harassment/assault I could share by unknown men but I was an adult then. The statistic that females KNOW the pervert are suspect at best.

  2. While I agree with many of your comments, I certainly do not agree with this one…”Basically, Christians who believe that homosexuality and transgenderism are sins also believe that it is their Christian duty to angrily lash out at everyone in a public way.” That’s a totally FALSE assumption on your part.

    • You are absolutely right. Thanks for pointing out my mistake. That should read ” somee Christians” or “many” but I certainly did not intend to imply that all who believe it is sin are ranting and raving. Thanks again.

      • But this is still wrong….you say that as if homosexuality or trangenderism is NOT a sin? While I agree that as Christians we should love sinners and not bash them and rant and rave, we should try to support them and help them by leading them as Jesus did. However it IS still a sin.

    • I was thinking the same thing! I’m a Christian and am not angrily lashing out at people. This is tarring me with the same brush.

  3. I can’t possibly love this any more than I do. Absolutely on point with every single assumption and refute. Thank you for standing up for what is right, not what’s popular.

  4. I’m sorry but I’m a female and have difficulty being in the restroom with women if I need to change out my tampon or maxi pad. I’m self conscious at this time of the month. I really don’t want to share a restroom facility with men during this time of the month. Thank you very much. Plus the policy extends to fitting rooms as well. When I try on a bathing suit I take off my bra. I really don’t want to take my bra off when there is a male around. Target says they don’t keep any male out of the fitting room. No thanks.

    • Then you should go to an all women’s store… our don’t go out on your period… the world is moving and if you are not going with it either move or adept… because the world does not stop for you or anybody at that matter…

    • Where are you going to buy bathing suits that doesn’t have individual stalls in their fitting rooms? What difference does it make WHO is in the fitting room – they can’t see through your stall door/walls. As far as your “time of the month” issue-that sounds like an anxiety that is all your own. Why should others be punished because it might make you uncomfortable? I lived in Europe for many years and they have unisex fitting rooms, most of which don’t have much more than a curtain. AND they had unisex bathrooms some places. There were no open urinals. Just go in the stall and take care of your business. Why have so many people decided that boys and girls going to the same room together is immoral or perverted or not Christian. Public spaces are just that – PUBLIC. If you can’t handle being around people in public then don’t go out. I always have and will continue to accompany my children (one of which is 17) when they go to a public restroom. My 8 year old son will not go in a mens restroom alone just because I am a single mother and am “not allowed” to go in the mens room. Uh…I’m going. Deal with it. Boys are more at risk of being attacked in a restroom than girls/women. Adapt to the changes that are happening in our world or don’t. That’s your choice. But, don’t make others suffer because you might be “uncomfortable”. Maybe they should just start charging us for public restrooms like they do in Europe. Maybe that would stop some of this nonsense. But, probably not.

      • Who is being “punished” by having male and female bathrooms? I assure you there are many more women with periods than transgenders! Why would YOU go in the men’s room with your 8 year old son? Why wouldn’t you take him in the women’s room with you? I’ve been in the restroom many times with women and their young sons and have no problem with it. If there are “individual stalls” in the men’s room and in the women’s room, then why couldn’t transgenders just “go in the stall and take care of THEIR business?” “Why should others be punished” because it might make a transgender person uncomfortable? Take a look at a registered sex offenders map in your area and keep in mind that those are only the ones who have been CAUGHT and CONVICTED. If you think the number of transgenders exceeds the number of perverts roaming around, you are sadly mistaken! No one is opposed to sharing bathrooms with transgenders who LOOK the part. We all assume we have been using bathrooms with them forever. Common sense ruled this very PRIVATE aspect of public facilities before political correctness was deemed more important than common sense. NOTHING NEEDED TO BE SAID OR DONE regarding bathroom usage. This is just another level of shoving distasteful opinions down the throats of others. Disagreeing with something is NOT the same thing as discrimination. I couldn’t care less if someone is Transgender, Transracial, Transspecies, Homosexual, Pansexual, etc, but I do not need be forced to make allowances in my very personal life for those people because of their CHOICES.

      • Sorry, but why than should transgender feel uncomfortable with individual stalls in a bathroom or dressing room? The issue is multisided. You are basing your argument on the on the perceived “ridiculousness of women” who are uncomfortable with exposing themselves to another gender as they have a biological function . When did the rights and feelings, insecurity and uncomfortableness of transgender’s supersede women who are of traditional orientation? This seems very one sided to put it politely.

  5. I agree, however, I think we do need to sting them for being so public about it. No one complained when they used the first swear word on TV and now look what we have!! We need to hit them where it hurts to say “Look, this is not ok and while everyone should be loved, not everyone should be allowed to do whatever they want”. I have no objection to them using the family bathroom or a transgender using a stall in the women’s room, but to put a open urinal in a place where woman and little girls are….NONSENSE!!!

    • No one is putting urinals in ladies’ rooms! This is worse than absurd. It is, and I mean the word in its proper sense, not to be mean: stupidity. Transgender women wouldn’t want to use a urinal if they did.

  6. #3 is very incorrect. If you have ever worked in retail at night you would understand. If a male enters a restroom,before this change, he was followed and told to go to the males,. Now males and even perverts which there are a lot of will not even be questioned.

    • Right? That’s not saying that transgender people are perverts. But no one will question a man going into the women’s restroom anymore… at least not at Target.

  7. I do believe that establishing a culture that is Christian based would be a good thing. It would be a blessing to all. However, I do realize that in the United States we have never seen a Christian based culture. We have gone from a racist, sexist culture into an amoral, all-inclusiveness which has no regard for Biblical righteousness. I do sometimes dream of a United States that actually loves the righteousness of Jesus Christ, but I think we may have to wait for that until Jesus returns. In the meantime, our best strategy for winning souls to Christ is to learn, live and teach the righteousness of Christ which flows out of His unconditional love.

  8. HOW about this——–I just get sooooooo tired of the businesses bowing down to the 3 PERCENT crybabies and FOR
    GETTING the other 97% of us NORMAL people

  9. I hope I can say this in the right spirit brother but your post very much comes across as someone who is trying very hard to find a reason to not be marginalized by popular culture. Friendship with the world and all that.

    I also think you have some faulty logic in your argument, especially number 3. By your reasoning there is no reason to have murder be codified as against the law, I mean because laws don’t actually stop people. Laws in fact do stop people. Sexual predators thrive on being not noticed. A man will think twice about entering a women’s public bathroom because he knows such an act will draw attention and that just by entering said bathroom he can be charged with a crime which will result in his secret perversion likely making it into the local paper and his name will become recognized by local police. However, if you create a situation where people, in fear of being labeled judgmental ignore the fact that a man has entered the ladies room and there is no danger of being charged with a crime you have in fact created a situation that predators can and will use to their advantage.

    #4 is also incorrect, as someone has worked in real estate development I can tell you that most villages, towns, and cities require any place that sells food and is over a certain square footage to provide a public restroom. It is naive to think that they will be left to establish their own policy when they are already legal required to provide a restroom in the first place.

    Lastly, if you truly desire people to know Christ, you will eventually find yourself marginalized by popular culture. Christ said, “God made them male and female.” That is not an interpretation, its a direct quote, so unless you are ready to perform some exegetical gymnastics, gender politics will force you into taking a position on said direct quote.

    • Laws don’t stop people. A person is innocent until proven guilty. And when it comes to sexual abuse, it’s usually one person’s words against another. If you were going to believe someone, would you believe an adult or a child? Unfortunately people would believe an adult because they’re an adult and probably know better. And if you don’t think it happens, try working in the human service field. Perpetrators groom their victims and threaten children if they ever told about the abuse. That’s why there are way more sexual abuse cases that don’t even get hurt because a child is afraid to tell. Very few perpetrators are convicted and have their name in the paper. If you think there are a lot of names in the paper, it is only a fraction of what goes on.

  10. I’d like to add some factors that might add to your points.
    1. Traditionally people thought sexual assaults were caused by strangers. In fact, especially when it comes to child sexual abuse, a majority of the time, the child knows their offender. “According to a 2003 National Institute of Justice report, 3 out of 4 adolescents who have been sexually assaulted were victimized by someone they knew well (page 5).” The perpetrator uses grooming tactics to get to their victims which occur over a period time so they can gain the trust of the child.
    “Only 14% of children who suffered sexual abuse were violated by an unknown perpetrator”

    2. My concern is about young boys who have been going into restrooms with males for years? Why aren’t we concerned for them? They are just as likely to be abused at a young age as a girl is.

    3. As you stated earlier, no matter what, a transgender person is no bigger risk than any other person. Plus, there have been transgender people around forever. It recently has become more socially acceptable for them to identify that way, hence why it is on everyone’s radar now.

    4. Transgender does not equal sexual predator/pervert. In fact, they are not even related. Transgender is about identity and how the person feels inside versus the genitalia they were born with. For all of the stress that one person goes through to identify as transgender, I doubt they would be willing to do all of that just to get to a child. There are way easier ways to get to a child. If you think that a person might just say they are transgender just to enter a restroom of the opposite sex, they you may want to reconsider the safety of the restroom just as stated above (#1) Who’s to say that there isn’t a female waiting in the restroom to abduct a child? Transgender is a gender issue (how one identifies) whereas sexual predators are a social issue (sexually abusing children).

    I like what you said in regards to if you’re still worried about your child being in danger, then they are probably too young to go to a restroom by themselves anyway.

    • I don’t know a mom who isn’t concerned about their young sons in a bathroom with a pervert. They don’t have to be too young for us to worry. My son is 11 but I know of a 12 year old that was assaulted in a Home Depot bathroom with his parents right outside. I don’t care if this is rare. Once is way to much.

      • And if you’re still concerned, then you should be accompanying them into the bathroom. I agree with you 100% about the safety of bathrooms. But it has nothing to do transgender people.

  11. No one is afraid of transgender people. The issue when you start overriding common sense with politically correct RULES, to accommodate a very small percentage of the population, is that you open the door for broad interpretations of those rules. When it is commonplace for men to just show up in women’s bathrooms (when women/children are at their most vulnerable), then it is easy for those who would abuse the rules to take advantage. If the common sense rule were in place, as it has been for as long as I can remember, we would automatically be suspicious of a man in a women’s restroom. But, if he has a right to be there, he would have to be CAUGHT committing a crime in order for anything to be done. By then, it means someone has had to be a VICTIM…not just suspicious, or wary, or creeped out, but INJURED. Why is it so hard for people to understand that allowing people to go to bathrooms as they choose is inviting trouble?

    • Children have a higher chance of being victimized by someone they know then by a random stranger they may come in contact with in a public restroom.

    • Your belief that small percentage of the population doesn’t deserve something is the exact definition of discrimination. At least you own up to it.

    • Exactly. Those thinking Target’s policy is brilliant only want to focus on the transgender when most of us don’t care that we’ve been next to true transgenders for years. What we care about is that this policy is giving the true pervert cart blanche and ignoring the concerns of the female population.

  12. I don’t know what kind of preacher you are, but not wanting to use the bathroom with members of the opposite sex is not unChristian or judgmental. I don’t even use the bathroom with my husband or children in the room. Bodily functions are part of my private life. You people may think it is just awesome to pass gas, belch, pick your nose, etc in public, but I feel it is impolite and disrespectful of others. On another note, many people in the medical field do not accept that transgender is anything other than an unresolved mental issue. Do you know that many transgenders that have transitioned are just as unhappy and depressed as they were before the transition? Go read “real” studies on the subject. Watch a few episodes of Caitlin Jenner’s show and you will quickly understand that these are not stable people. They are constantly seeking reinforcement and are always involved in counseling and group therapy sessions. My heart goes out to them. I do not think they are doomed to hell. I do not hate them. I accept them and hope they find whatever it is they need to feel fulfilled. But, I honestly think they need something far more deep and spiritual in nature than a sex change operation, and on some levels, I think many of them realize it, which explains why many of them never actually take that final step of genital alteration. They take the hormones necessary to change their outward appearance and represent themselves as the opposite sex, but never fully change over.

  13. Pastor may want to read this.
    For ANYONE who is for ALLOWING GROWN MEN into WOMENS restrooms. I think you’ll be interested in this if you are interested in TRUTH at all. The LGBT used this argument about rapists.This is part of a statement from the LGBT concerning the NC’s HB2 law “This law puts transgender women at risk of being raped”. The statement also goes on to say that “Rapes among Transgender women are considerably higher than cisgender women”. Now that would be an almost valid point except the big argument being used by them and their supporters (YOU GUYS) to combat those that are against allowing men into women’s restrooms (ME AND MILLIONS OR ACTUAL WOMEN) is this: see below.
    1. Rapists prefer to attack people they know in private places to keep it hidden. They can repeatedly attack people they know because they can manipulate silence. These are primarily rapists with a grain of logic in them. The ones who do it in public typically don’t use the restroom because it’s not hidden enough.”

    See the irony? They basically said it was almost unheard of to get raped in a restroom and there should be no fear for cisgender women. Some even claim it’s LAUGHABLE for us to be concerned about letting MEN into WOMENS restrooms. THE FUNNY THING IS….., the LGBT’s whole argument about the bathroom law in NC is about fear of transgender women getting raped in a restroom. That’s why this is sooooo ridiculous! If you are for allowing MEN into a WOMANS restroom YOU are out of touch with reality!! Even the LGBT sees the danger in this, they just don’t care when it comes to regular women. The problem is, their argument is SO contradictory that it PUTS THEIR OWN TRANS WOMEN (who actually look like women) IN DANGER. Unless there is a revision to Laws allowing men into WOMENS restrooms defining what exactly qualifies you as a transgender woman any MAN will be able to walk in. And as far as your stats about women not being assaulted yet, you may want to read check them because YOU ARE DEAD WRONG! New cases are being reported almost everyday. They used to be just local news stories before this whole HB2 and Target debate. Now people are posting links to those assaults online and you will see many more as women get desensitized to allowing men into the restrooms.

  14. A shrill, judgmental, unloving tone is never correct, however bold and courageous Christians have a proud history of addressing culture from a Biblical perspective. This is one carefully crafted step designed to bring the homosexual community into the mainstream. Safety in the restrooms is just the tip of the iceberg. In our community high school students are already openly joking they can now have sex in the bathrooms and no one can stop them. Believers, do not be quick to roll over.

  15. Well, I would like to say that I disagree with you. It is true that public restrooms are not completely safe, neither is your home for that matter, but I believe this does create more opportunity for a dangerous encounter. Before someone would question a man walking into a women’s restroom, now we ca not. It could be offensive. We’re not talking post op transgender here, we’re saying ANY man can go into the women’s restroom or locker room. If you truly don’t see the opening this allows, you are blind. When I bring my young daughter to the gym with me I am NOT OK with a pre op nude male walking around in there. Do your research, this has already happened. Your presuming we’re all paranoid, judgemental people; news flash we’re not. We’re intelligent, educated, realistic people. There needs to be guidelines, pre op, post op. I’m not judging anybodies choices, I’m saying I have a right to be comfortable too!

  16. I’ve only seen men and women with young children get upset about this, not about transgendered individuals, but about predators using this type of policy to avoid getting kicked out of restrooms; there’s no longer a deterrent. You can say all the other supposed reasons against conservatives, but it’s not all true.

  17. I appreciate the charitable disposition of this article, so well done. Although, I don’t agree with all of the conclusions you’ve come to. I think people who oppose the new bathroom policy have good cause to be concerned, even if they have no justification for the aphauling manner in which they are express themselves.

    A few common concerns that you didn’t address is this:
    That even though Target is a business and reserves the right to make and change their own bathroom policies as they please, the new policy does disregard the feelings of the large majority of their loyal shoppers in exchange for catering to the feelings of a small minority of people. That’s not to say those people are less important, but certainly they are not MORE important just because they are a minority. Since both parties (people for, and people opposed) are concerned about safety and comfort and nothing else, you’re basically weighing one group against another. If one party had more arguments than the other, the new policy wouldn’t be so controversial.

    Another thing to consider: if we start to accept that restrooms may be segregated purely by gender (what a person considers themselves to be regardless of what sexual organs they posses), as opposed to their sex (what a person is biologically based on what organs they posses), then will the world start accepting these same standards in school restrooms? In locker rooms? Showers? Maybe, maybe not. But I don’t think it’s unreasonable to be concerned. If we start to say that it doesn’t matter what a person is biologically in this situation, how can you logically argue that it does matter in the other situations? I suppose you can, but it will definitely be harder. After all, public bathrooms fall into the same category as those other places I mentioned.

  18. This is the stupidest one yet. Who does this pastor think he is speaking to? First of all, every assumption that he is arguing for is not even what most people are upset about. There is absolutely nothing discriminative about not wanting men in the women’s bathroom. Just state that the bathroom is unisex then, and give us a choice. Yes, you should accompany your children in the bathroom, whether it’s unisex or not, but don’t make me have the added worry that anyone can now have easier access into any bathroom. Target is just opening up the ability to make it even easier for unwanted bathroom situations, and why is this even necessary? They are not doing a service to anyone, transgender or otherwise. All they have done is cause more division. Ridiculous that you people are even fighting for this. This pastor has made not one valid point for Target or any other business to make this a policy. Ignorance is the only reason I can see. All they are doing is making people more intolerant, not less. Show me a valid reason for your arguments Mr. Pastor, your arguments are not the assumptions intelligent people are making, in fact, we are not making assumptions at all, we just don’t see the reason for it. Ridiculous.

  19. I’m sorry but legitimate fear over this issue has absolutely nothing to even do with the transgender community. And honestly if I were a transgender person I would stand up for the other side because protecting people is more important then where I piss and shit. This fear comes from the thought of a man or teen or a little perverted boy, pretending that they have “identity issues” and go into the women’s restrooms without any hesitation because now no one is going to stop them or call them out. You say that this can be a problem now if someone wants to commit a crime they will commit a crime, well not all people who have those types of urges or perversions are willing to get caught for them, now they would be able to do it with no fear of getting caught. And just so you realize for someone who is on cusp of that particular mental illness (because that’s really what it is and probably our country should really start dealing with that issue before opening doors that could cause more harm) it just takes one tiny push to send them over the edge fully. So yeah I do fear that a woman transgender or not will be using the restroom and some man will come in sneak a peek, because I don’t know about you but I can clearly see out those stall doors and am always self conscious about people peeking in as it is, but then eventually a peek won’t become enough for them, they will rip open that door and do whatever they want. This goes the same for transgender females who identify as males going into the men’s restroom I am terrified for them the most. Why am I picking on men you may ask. It’s statistics, men commit over 90% more sexual crimes than women. Please please please let’s figure out how to solve that problem before we endanger anyone, transgender or not.

  20. Love is what these people need. They are hurt people. Christians are hurting them more by their attitude. Jesus loves them. If he was here he would be hang out with Trangender and gay people not Christians. “I came for the sick”. Jesus .

  21. Wow. I found your blog through a friend on Facebook, and I’m glad I stopped by to read your words. I wish more Christians behaved as you do; you are a credit to your faith. Thank you for speaking out.

  22. Thank you for this wonderful article that beautifully expresses all of my feelings about this travesty. Another thing that people haven’t mentioned is what would keep a biological man from walking into a womens room and claim to be a transgender. You cannot tell from the outside whether they’re lying or not. That is what this bill would allow. I agree with Ms. Noon that I wish more Christians behaved as you do. There is a hateful person driving around the NC Capitol (literally) spewing his supposed Christian hate.

  23. My sincere concern for “Transgender welcomed” bathroom is not specific to a person who chooses that life style sharing a bathroom with me or my children but rather for the pedifile that will take the “I identify as a——-” and be protected by that. I am not homophobic. Nor am a self righteous Christian that feels a need to lash out. I am a woman that wants to know the law will be on the side of the just.

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