Don’t Be a Fool


Fear. Paranoia. Mistrust of everyone and everything you hear and see. Overwhelming desires to seek payback. Desperate longing to survive the day without mishap. Ordinarily, these symptoms might be cause for concern, but not today. Today is April Fool’s Day and these are the normal feelings of pretty much everyone. And we like it! We laugh at things that would normally offend us and we lie with abandon for the sake of a joke. It’s no wonder that we label it a fool’s day. It is all in good fun, though, so I have no desire to play the role of the grouchy old man that has a problem with all the shenanigans. Though I have survived unscathed this year, I have certainly given some thought to the idea of foolishness and its counterpart, wisdom.

These are topics to which the Bible speaks a great deal, particularly in the book of Proverbs. To sum up the Bible’s teaching on the subject, we could say that foolishness is living life without regard for God’s truth. On the other hand, true wisdom is living and understanding life from the perspective of God’s truth. Accepting this biblically informed description of wisdom will lead us to several important conclusions.

  • There is no wisdom apart from God. He is the source and originator of all wisdom and it is futile to seek wisdom while ignoring or neglecting Him.
  • Wisdom must be sought in the Bible. If we truly desire to be wise, we must become consumed by God’s Word. It is in God’s Words that we find wisdom, not those of even the most intelligent of men.
  • Wisdom is active. It is not about amassing great knowledge or possessing unique information that others do not. Wisdom is about how you live and the choices you make. A wise person makes the choice to align their actions with the truth discovered in God’s Word.

As a result of sin, wisdom is not our default setting. Foolishness is. Unfortunately, many never learn to counteract that default setting and live their lives in a foolish manner. Fortunately for all those willing to accept it, God has offered his grace to us and will teach us His wisdom. All we have to do is admit our own folly, turn from it and seek Him. On this day where we enjoy a bit of foolish fun, make sure that you aren’t living life like a fool. I encourage you to take a moment right now to consider whether or not you are pursuing God and His wisdom. Commit to living the next moment in light of His truth. With God’s help that moment can turn into a lifetime of wise living.


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