Keeping Christ in Christian


With another Halloween in the books, temperatures dropping and Thanksgiving just around the corner, we know that Christmas is soon to be knocking on the Holiday door. With the fast approach of Christmas comes the annual persecution complex of many in the greater Christian community who seem to think that anyone who does not celebrate Christmas just as they do must hate God and His followers and probably worships Satan between shifts at the Starbucks or Barnes and Noble.

Generally, these accusations result from a business failing to use the term Christmas in their advertising campaigns or personal greetings in the place of business. This year, however, all it took in the case of Starbucks was the decision to use a solid red cup rather than one with snowflakes or some other more festive design. Since we all know that red is the color of both Santa and Satan, it is obvious that all good Christians should avoid drinking their coffee. To be safe, you should probably post something on social media boldly proclaiming your indignation. How dare they attack Jesus with their pagan red cups?!

In case you are unsure of my position, I think this whiny persecution complex is ridiculous. First of all, we should not be so easily offended. Second of all, there are people in our world facing genuine persecution – actually dying for Christ – while we complain about coffee cups and Christmas card slogans. Lastly, I don’t think my Savior cares one bit about the color of a coffee cup or how many times a retailer might use His name in an advertising campaign.

Jesus didn’t live and die to establish a holiday in His name! He lived and died to redeem a people for His glory. Unsaved people abandoning Christian tradition is of far less concern to God than His own people abandoning Christian conduct. Whether or not you personally get caught up in these anti-political correctness shenanigans at Christmas, I hope you will pause for a moment to think about what a wonderful opportunity this time of year can be to fulfill your purpose of manifesting the love of Christ for His glory.

Instead of berating the man that wishes you a “Happy Holiday”, perhaps you could wish him one back and talk about your source of happiness. Instead of angrily ranting about those who want to keep Christ out of Christmas, you could lovingly discuss what you’re doing to keep Him in it. Instead of refusing to give your money to anyone that doesn’t promote Christmas, why not donate to a charity that helps those that don’t know Christ at all? Instead of being the stereotypical angry Christians, let’s shock the world by being the kindest, most generous, most loving people they come across this Christmas season.

I’m certainly not against keeping Christ in Christmas, but I think it’s high time that true Christians put more effort into keeping Christ in Christian than trying to make the world keep Christ in Christmas.


31 responses to “Keeping Christ in Christian

  1. I agree with the general sentiment. We DO tend toward judgments rather than meeting people and circumstances with love. But I think it would be naive to ignore the clear trend toward removing Christ from our society….of which “Xmas” and such things…are just one example of where and how it is happening. Personally I am thankful for the wishes of Happy Chanukah and Joyous Kwanzaa…and yes even Happy Holidays. Certainly no offense is taken…and I return it with a sincere “and to you” or a “Merry Christmas!” But I must admit that the deliberate (when it is deliberate) disassociation of the birth of our Savior from this celebration occurs, it does bother me…upset me…maybe even anger me. Still, there is no license even in those situations to react other than in Love. So I guess the takeaway for me is to call a spade a spade, or rather the exclusion of Jesus from Christmas as just that…the exclusion of Jesus from Christmas…on the part of Starbucks or whoever. But after I call it, the response is pretty clear: “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” (John 15:12). Thanks for sharing Joshua!
    ~ The Flawed Disciple (

  2. I love Love LOVE this! Thanks for find the words I’ve often felt. Also, just a funny little tidbit, blood is also red! Hahaha

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  4. Although I am not a fan of the “Christ in Christmas” movement nor am I a fan of those faithful who don’t seem to think it’s worth their time to try to understand why this might bother fellow believers so much. Instead, said faithful, pile on in a way that is neither loving nor kind. I pray daily for greater understanding by all of us.

  5. I agree with most everything you say in this blog except for your pathetic attitude toward Christians and those of us who do believe in keeping Christ at the center of Christmas. In case you didn’t notice – YOU are the one attacking people here! And THAT is the reason I won’t be doing business with your chain. Perhaps you should try PRACTICING the kindness you speak of before you go preaching it to others!

    • I agree with Randy, and mostly totally disagree with everything that you, the author, say. You sound more like a secular progressive than a Christian. You jump on the secular bandwagon and blow this incident way out of proportion, using it as an opportunity to mock Christianity. In your ‘instead of’ paragraph, you make the implication that we are offensive when we say ‘Merry Christmas’ (heaven forbid we say ‘Jesus Loves You’ to an unbeliever), you lump all Christians into the category of ‘angrily ranting’ and ‘refusing to give blah blah blah’ and you stereotype Christians as angry – the same thing the world does. Not enough room here to elaborate, but you imply that God would be more pleased with us if we cower, or somehow change our tone or demeanor, or just keep our mouth shut, to make Christianity more palatable to the world. The reality is: No matter how loving and caring we are, the world will ALWAYS hate Christianity and riducule Christians as being foolish angry bigots. Jesus talked about it; “If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.” (John 15:18-19)

      • OMG Buck… did you even read this post…. He pretty much says the opposite of everything you just stated. But then it seems you’re more PAULian than CHRISTian. You sound as paranoid as Paul does. Either get an English lesson and or re read this original post again and again until you finally understand it.

  6. Pastor Matt Westra from Morristown TN, also posted something similar yesterday worth a share here. “Today seems as good a day as any for my annual rant/warning: DO NOT GET SUCKED INTO “A WAR ON CHRISTMAS.” Just don’t do it. Starbucks put out an all red cup for Christmas? Maybe they are trying to remove Christmas from their marketing. Maybe they are just realizing minimalism in design is popular right now. Either way, you are not being persecuted. You know who was persecuted? Saint Bartholomew. He was skinned alive and then crucified. Somebody answering your “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holidays” doesn’t mean you are persecuted. Put your time and energy into something more worth while. This year try to invite one person, doesn’t even matter if they show up or not just do the inviting, to a Christmas event at your church. I promise you this is a far more God-pleasing action than getting angry about someone who doesn’t believe in Jesus not caring about Christmas.”

  7. Though I agree the red cup issue is WRONG. It seems to me all the whining about the “bad Christians” is equally as ugly and posting pieces like this is ultimately not helpful. By the time I got to the genuine gospel-exhortation, my spirit was resistant because the tone seems arrogant and shaming.

    Serving to lend fuel to the hostile fire AGAINST Christians.

    Our conversation should always be full of grace and only seasoned with salt. The grace of the gospel is not even tangible when you start out with blazing guns.

    My dear brothers and sisters, lets get off our stage and on our knees.

    • I understand your objection to Christians being talked about negatively. However, it seems the only time “Christians” are in the news is when they are saying, or doing, something that seems very un-Christian. I am a Christian, but have felt increasingly ashamed- yes ASHAMED- of that fact! We hear about Christians who actually think it somehow serves their faith to protest the fact that a red paper cup has no snowflakes rather than doing something to help those who could never afford that red cup! Or a government official who thinks her faith requires her to interfere with the legal marriage of loving couples, rather than addressing the real problem of domestic violence and child abuse. Or the Christians who are actively protesting a doll company for making a doll who was adopted by two dads, or who protest real children being adopted by same-sex couples rather than working to find homes for the many children in foster care who need loving families. Or the many Christians who spend their energy trying to outlaw abortion, but spend not a moment considering the lives of children born to parents who can’t care for them. Or Christians who feel that support for anyone of another faith is automatically an attack on Christianity. It’s become hard to think of the word “Christian” in a positive light. In my opinion, those who use Christianity to justify bigotry, anger, small-mindedness, exclusion and disdain for those with other beliefs are a much bigger threat to Christianity that all the plain red paper cups Starbucks can sell.

  8. Perhaps Jesus wants us to stand up and defend Him. This country’s taking Christ out of everything they can. It IS time to stand up. To not do so is denying our Lord.

  9. Important issues of the day…hunger, homelessness, poverty…your choice of an issue to focus on…the cups at Starbucks.

    How appalling. Would Jesus be more concerned with the cups or with helping people?

    You are focusing your energy on meaningless trivia. You have lost your way. Refocus!

  10. Sorry, but you people are worrying and whining about the wrong thing. Who cares if StarBucks doesn’t put a “Christmas” theme on their cups? That’s their right.

    We are NOT a solely Christian nation, we are made up of multiple religions and differences of opinions and the Christian is the not the religion of the land no matter how much you want it to be.

    What you need to focusing on is helping the less fortunate and not worry about some fake “insidious” message about a coffee cup.

  11. I couldn’t agree more! Christ is what makes Christmas. The happiness and joy and love that brings people together on the Holidays is what we should be embodying. Ranting about some coffee cup is not at all what Jesus would want from His followers. We should celebrate the one who saved us, because nothing else matters.

  12. ppl need to get over pushing there new laws on us lol oh wait thats not going to happen…so ppl can dish it but not take it…this is a stupid argument but it proves a point like you guys we should not care about the cup or the gay rights thing just go on do your thing and if someone dont like it move on to some one that dose and leave the other ppl alone…its that simple guys…times short

  13. It’s not about saying Merry Christmas or the color of a cup it about making retailers rich. Want to talk about a war on Christmas let’s start with the consumerism of a religious holiday

  14. The Starbucks issue has clearly more to do with minimalism and design than trying to remove references to Christianity (not that there were really any there in the first place).

    And even if it were, I don’t see why I should feel like that affects me. Personally, my religion is 100% my relationship with Jesus. I don’t need a coffee cup to reassure my beliefs.

  15. We have a right to speak out without being hated on by other Christians. People talk about not judging and yet we are persecuted when we take a stand on anything. Go ahead and keep pushing our rights of free speech right out the door (Christ is pushed out of everything and when there is another tragedy people will cry out then and wonder where is God)He will be right outside where America wants him. SMH

  16. In Acts 19 Luke writes (see verses 13-16) about men who tried to get in on Paul’s ministry of healing and casting out demons and the demons were pretty much, (I am taking much liberty with paraphrasing this to make a point), “Yeah, Jesus, we know about, even Paul. But who do you think you are? Pffff.”
    You see, these men wanted in on the fame Paul was having in the name of Jesus Christ but had never commited their own lives to Jesus Christ and the work of His Holy Spirit.
    I pray for a revival and for people who want to identify themselves as Christians to experience the same Spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead. And, have it all 365 days of the year, not just the “Spirit of Christmas” that, for most, last from the day after Thanksgiving to New Years Day. That could mean anything these days and it seems it is the nominal Christians who are ruining it by putting the holiday, or any other rights they are trying to cling to, on the throne of their hearts, rather than Jesus Christ, Himself.

  17. From an athiest, this is all BS. Jesus may have lived 2000 years ago, but there is no god, and consequently, no son of god. Waste tour life on this obsession with god/christ and in the end we are all food for worms.
    As for coffee, I have had Starbucks coffee ONCE. I just don’t get the idiotic addiction many seem to have with their coffee. It is just coffee.
    If you are really concerned about your fellow man, make coffee at home for 10 cents or less … sprinkle in some nutmeg, or cinnamon, or whatever crap you like, and donate your $5 for a daily coffee to a homeless shelter or — planned parenthood (that was intended as a small joke for you).
    —— Live life for today — that is all you have.


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