Sunday Supper October 4, 2015

In a feature reminiscent of my childhood in which Sunday supper consisted of a smorgasbord of leftovers and a random assortment of other foods, I bring you an assortment of random items of interest from the past week.


Why We Need the New Battle for the Bible offers some great thoughts on the authority of the Bible.


“It’s been said that the Bible is like a body of water in which a child may wade and an elephant may swim. The youngest Christian can read the Bible with profit, for the Bible’s basic message is simple. But we can never exhaust its depth.” – How to Read the Bible and Do Theology Well


Some really great thoughts on How An Affair Really Begins.


Don’t Leave Jesus Behind argues for seeing Jesus in all of Scripture.


“Instead of a la carte Christianity driven by fickle tastes and “dream church” appetites, what if we learned to love churches even when (or perhaps because) they challenge us and stretch us out of our comfort zones? Instead of driving 20 miles away to attend a church that “fits my needs,” what if we committed to the nearest non-heretical, Bible-believing church where we could grow and serve—and where Jesus is the hero—however uncomfortable it may be?” – Chipotle Church and the Problem of Choice


2 Surefire Ways to Avoid Persecution – “We are to live among unbelieving people, but to live in a very different way. When we do this we are never far from some kind of persecution.”


Four Indicators You Have an Untrustworthy Team Member – “An untrustworthy team member can spoil and corrupt the collective character of a team. One team member can adversely impact the whole, can adversely impact the culture of the team you lead.”


Enjoy this random collection of stuff and be sure to let me know what you’ve been reading or watching that is interesting, enjoyable or helpful.


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