Jesus Loves Me (Despite Knowing Me)


As kids, most of us sang the words “Jesus loves me this I know…” Perhaps we didn’t fully understand the depth of what we were singing, but we sang it. And we believed it.

The knowledge that God loves me is a tremendous comfort. It brings peace and joy and elicits faith. And though it is often relegated to children’s lessons and songs, it is one of the most profound and amazing truths about God. What makes it so incredible is the fact that He loves me despite the fact that He knows me perfectly.

In his book, Knowing God, Packer says “There is tremendous relief in knowing that His love to me is utterly realistic, based at every point on prior knowledge of the worst about me, so that no discovery now can disillusion Him about me…and quench His determination to bless me.” Packer continues to say that despite the fact that “…He sees all the twisted things about me that my fellow men do not see and that He sees more corruption in me than that which I see myself…He wants me as His friend…and has given His son to die for me in order to realize this purpose.”

Isn’t that amazing and wonderful? So often we approach relationships with the fear that if they only knew me they wouldn’t love me. However, we can rest in the knowledge that God loves us fully and completely despite knowing us fully and completely. I am both known and loved. I need not fear rejection by God because of who I am or what I’ve done. He knows me, faults and all. And loves me anyway.

When I consider this great gift of love, I feel compelled to worship Him. I cannot help but love Him in return. I also recognize that this is the truest and best way to love. As He has loved me despite knowing the worst of me, so I too should love others when I have seen or heard or felt their worst.

This is true love. This is the love that God has for us and it leaves me humbled and overwhelmed. I pray that you will join me in rejoicing over the fact that Jesus loves me even though He knows me.


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