7 Reasons to Serve in Children’s Ministry



You’ve probably noticed some of the tell-tale signs that fall is just around the corner. Temperatures are (kind of) cooling down, Halloween decorations are in the stores, kids are heading back to school and pumpkins everywhere are gearing up for their annual invasion of everything imaginable. In many churches, another sign of fall is the start-up of school-year children’s ministries.

As our church prepares for the start of our AWANA program, I’ve been thinking a lot about volunteer recruitment. I am so thankful for all of our wonderful volunteers at First Baptist, but for many churches it can really be a nightmare to fill all the needs in their children’s ministries. As an attempt to help in those recruiting efforts, I put together the following 7 reasons to serve in children’s ministry.

  • Children are important to God. Throughout His Word, God emphasizes His love and concern for children. He considers them a gift to parents and He uses them to describe His relationship to believers. Jesus upholds them as a model for saving faith and He commanded His disciples to allow the children to come to Him. Children are obviously important to God and we should adopt His priorities.
  • Children are the future. Just because it is cliché doesn’t mean it isn’t true. We all desire to be used by God to have a great impact on our world. What better way than to minister to children? After all, they will have the longest lasting impact on our future.
  • Children are still developing. When you minister to children, you have an opportunity to shape them into the adults they will become. In mechanical terms, preventative maintenance is better than making repairs.
  • Children are a great mission field. Lots of research points to the idea that children are the most receptive to the Gospel. Every year after the age of 13 it becomes increasingly less likely that a person will place their faith in Christ. Children’s ministries provide a tremendous means of reaching children while they are still receptive.
  • Children are great missionaries. Children can often be the avenue for reaching an entire family. The child’s involvement usually increases the amount of interaction between churches and families. Children are also great at telling their friends and families about their favorite program, lessons, Bible verses and many will even share their faith.
  • Children need godly role models. In a culture that seems committed to modeling a selfish and morally ambiguous lifestyle, our children need to see adults living out their faith. Many children do not have these godly role models in their lives, but even those who do can use the positive reinforcement.
  • Children need you. Every believer should be serving in a local church and the simple fact is that children’s ministries provide lots of opportunities to serve. Just about every person can use their gifts to serve kids.

There are many children in your community that need to be reached for Christ and perhaps you could be the difference maker in their life. I know that every ministry is not for everyone, but I do hope that as your church makes its annual plea for volunteers you will at least prayerfully consider these reasons for serving in children’s ministry. Also, feel free to share with me other reasons to serve in children’s ministry.


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