Sunday Supper July 26, 2015

 In a feature reminiscent of my childhood in which Sunday supper consisted of a smorgasbord of leftovers and a random assortment of other foods, I bring you an assortment of random items of interest from the past week.

“The Bible gives us many motivations to do battle with sin and to persist in putting sin to death. We battle sin because of a newfound desire for righteousness. We battle sin out of love and loyalty to Christ. We battle sin out of hatred for the consequences of sin. But one reason Christians too often overlook is this: we battle sin as an expression of love for others.” – With Purity and Dignity

Prayer and the Ministry of the Word provides some excellent, biblical thoughts on the primary job description of the pastor.

“There are so many ways in which I feel my failure as a parent. There are so many things I hear other parents doing and find myself wishing that I was doing them as well. But in Paul’s words I am reminded that my primary task as a father is to simply expose my children to God’s Word.” – The One Thing That Matters Most

6 Things Christians Can Do About Same-Sex Marriage provides some wise encouragement on how Christians can show love while also making a difference in a social context.

Don Carson, Tim Keller, and John Piper offer some pastoral wisdom and biblical guidance about the believer’s relationship to history in this 6-minute video – Are we on the wrong side of history? The link also includes a transcript of their conversation.

10 Numbers You Should Know About Planned Parenthood is a statistical explanation of the Planned Parenthood organization as well as its work and impact.

“When we are filled with a personal joy, thanksgiving, and contentment directed toward Jesus Christ, then gratitude fills up all the available space in our souls, leaving no room for covetous cravings.”  – The Missing Ingredient for Sexual Purity specifically focuses on contentment and gratitude as the key to overcoming sexual sin; however, the principles given are relevant to anyone struggling to overcome any sin.

Theological Heroes and Villains reflects on the reality that even our greatest spiritual or theological heroes are flawed and often there is something to be learned from a theological villain.

Enjoy this random collection of stuff and be sure to let me know what you’ve been reading or watching that is interesting, enjoyable or helpful.


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