Lasagna Forever


In church this Sunday, our pastor delivered a great message about the need for change (You can listen to it here or watch “A New Recipe” here.) His sermon challenged us to view change as positive and to embrace the changes God has for us. It also brought to mind a recent personal experience that proves his point well. As all good stories should, this one involves lasagna.

I love lasagna! It’s my favorite food. Last week, as we were moving into our new house, someone brought us some wonderful lasagna for dinner. It was amazing! I had an extra helping for dinner and even had some more for breakfast the next day. It was so good that for a couple of days, I had some of that incredible lasagna at least once (sometimes twice) a day. By the 4th day – though it was just as good – I decided I had to have something different for breakfast. I loved the lasagna, but needed a change.

Change is a normal, natural and even necessary part of life. Most of us realize that when it comes to simple things like eating, we need to change it up from meal to meal. However, when it comes to significant areas of life, we are often unwilling to make necessary changes. Maybe we are just too comfortable with things the way they are. Maybe we are fearful of what impact change might have. Maybe we are too prideful to admit that things should change. Maybe we’re just plain lazy and don’t want to put in the work to make changes. Whatever the case may be, it is important to remember that if we do not change we will eventually be in opposition to God.

Change is God’s method for growth and blessing. When we resist changes that God wants us to make, than we are resisting God himself. His Word is filled with commands to grow, build, increase and other such directives that are filled with connotations of change. To have a life that is pleasing to Him, we must be willing to change. As I thought about Pastor Joel’s message, I came up with several areas in which God may want us to change.

  • Sinful behavior or attitudes. If there is sin, God wants us to change it. I include it, though, because there are many subtle sins that we resist giving up.
  • Opinions – as we mature, God often calls us to change how we think about people, issues and practices.
  • Methodology – God often requires us to change methods because the world around us changes.
  • Preferences – we all have things we like, but God often calls us to leave the comfort zone of our own preferences for the greater good.
  • Financial or social status – too often we see money and possessions as our own rather than as a gift from God. He may very well want you to change income levels, giving, and/or spending habits for the sake of His mission.
  • Geography – our homes and families are precious to us, but God could call us to change where we live so that we can reach more people for Him.
  • Desires – drawing closer to God often means that we sacrifice our own desires and exchange them for His.

As I consider these areas in my own life, my prayer is that I would always be open to change. I never want to sacrifice God’s best for simply good. Though change might be painful, I hope to always embrace it with God’s help.

What about you? Have you had to change in any of these areas? Are there other areas in which God has called you to change?



photo credit: <a href=”″>The 25 Pound Lasagna</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;



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