Sunday Supper May 24, 2015

 In a feature reminiscent of my childhood in which Sunday supper consisted of a smorgasbord of leftovers and a random assortment of other foods, I bring you an assortment of random items of interest from the past week.

 Hilarious list of 25 Things Yankees Should Know When Moving to the South

Interesting story under the headline: Porn and video game addiction leading to ‘masculinity crisis’. More interesting, perhaps, because it is not religious in nature. Warning: some of the additional ads and videos the site was trying to promote did not exactly seem appropriate.

“Your top-priority job as a parent, then, is to be an evangelist in your home. You need to teach your children the law of God; teach them the gospel of divine grace; show them their need for a Savior; and point them to Jesus Christ as the only One who can save them. If they grow up without a keen awareness of their need for salvation, you as a parent will have failed in your primary task as their spiritual leader.” Good News for Your Children

“When Paul talks about completion and maturity, he points to actions, to deeds, to “every good work.” The Bible has the power to mature us, and as we commit ourselves to reading, understanding, and obeying it, we necessarily grow up in the faith. That maturity is displayed in the good works we do more than in the knowledge we recite.” – The One Sure Mark of Christian Maturity

Some great thoughts on 3 Things I Need God to Do for Me as I Preach from H.B. Charles. His concluding thoughts are quite challenging: “Your preaching of the gospel is the fragrance of life to those who are being saved and the fragrance of death to those who are perishing. Our preaching of the gospel should be faithful, clear, and compelling. We need God’s help to this end.”

Drinking it Straight is a reminder of the power and sufficiency of the Word of God. It’s also a cool analogy to the drinking of coffee.

“What does it mean to be tempted? A temptation is anything that promises satisfaction at the cost of obedience. Temptation is when circumstances work together so that you have the ability and maybe even the desire to do something that God forbids.” – Satisfaction at the Cost of Obedience

5 Reasons to be Silent – some great thoughts about the value of silence.

Some great advice for The Pastor and Social Media

“As some continue to debate the presence of women in the pulpit, we must not miss this immediate problem: the marked absence of women in areas of church leadership that are open to them.” More Pressing Than Women Preachers raises some great questions about the perception of women in church leadership.

 Enjoy this random collection of stuff and be sure to let me know what you’ve been reading or watching that is interesting, enjoyable or helpful.


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