Sunday Supper April 5, 2015

In a feature reminiscent of my childhood in which Sunday supper consisted of a smorgasbord of leftovers and a random assortment of other foods, I bring you an assortment of random items of interest from the past week.


Because of Easter, we have a Monday morning edition of Sunday Supper today.


This week marked 20 years since ESPN launched They did a total re-launch of the website and it looks pretty awesome. As part of their celebration, they compiled a list of the top 20 athletes from the last 20 years. It’s hard to narrow it down to top 20. I’m not sure how Bret Favre makes that list. He was exciting to watch, but was he ever even the top player in his game? No Randy Moss. No Mariano Rivera. No NASCAR at all. What do you think about this list?


Last week, Thom Rainer posted about mean churches, and this week he had another excellent post in a similar vein. It was called Nine Traits of Church Bullies and it was an excellent summary of the kind of folks in church who will do whatever it takes to get their own way. He also followed it up with this prescriptive post: Nine Ways to Deal With Church Bullies.


One of the greatest distractions in one’s spiritual life can be the myriad of voices calling out lies to us through culture, media, entertainment etc. I read an excellent article this week about countering those voices through the preaching of the Gospel to yourself. It’s called “Does the Devil Have Your Ear?” and I found it over on Tim Challies’ blog.


Being the parent of small children, I’m always looking for parenting tips or advice. I found a very helpful, though entirely unique, article this week entitled A Prison Pastor’s Advice for Parents. It begins with very brief stories of three different inmates and then moves on to tie their stories together with their common quest for identity and need for wisdom. You should read the whole thing (it’s not very long), but here’s one of my favorite excerpts: “Lady Wisdom cries out! In order to be heard above the hustle and bustle of daily life, she screams, shouts, begs, cautions, rebukes, reasons, threatens, and warns. All quite unladylike and unfashionable. But she cries out so that we won’t waste our life. Acceptance of wisdom is often equated with acceptance of God. As parents, we need to remember wisdom still calls and help our kids hear her voice.”


The Christian and secular communities are regularly at odds over all manner of issues. However, Dan Phillips over at Pyromaniacs sees the heart of the disagreement as starting with the most offensive verse in the Bible, Genesis 1:1. Great read! You should check it out.


Enjoy this random collection of stuff and be sure to let me know what you’ve been reading or watching that is interesting, enjoyable or helpful.


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