A New Perspective

I just turned 34 years old. On my birthday, I received two entirely different reactions to that statement within just a few hours of each other. First was my 8 year old’s reaction when I told him how old I was: “Wow, Dad, that’s pretty old.” A little while later I heard an entirely different response as a good friend said, “Oh, you’re just a baby.” As I thought about these responses, I realized that they really illustrate a reality of life – perspective makes a big difference.

I see this difference in all kinds of ways. As I watch professional sports I see kids that need to grow up, but I remember a time that I wanted to grow up to be like them. I tell my son to “Stop being gross!” and he replies, “I’m not, I’m being funny.” My wife asks if I can turn off my noisy radio, but I can barely even hear it. Someone recommends a movie that they think is terrific and I watch it only to be disappointed that it isn’t really that good. On and on I could go with differences that are nothing more than a matter of perspective – a different way of looking at the exact same thing. Most of the time, these differences simply serve to make life more interesting. It does remind me though of how different our perspective is from God’s.

Think about the many ways that we see things differently than He does. For instance, I think I’m pretty good, but He sees my righteousness as filthy rags. I think I’ve worked hard enough to make it to heaven, but He says that’s impossible. I look at my sin problem and realize it’s impossible to overcome, but He has made all things possible through His Son. I think of how bad I am, and He sees me as perfect because of Jesus. I see problems, but He sees endless possibilities. I see pain and He sees opportunity. I see a world that seems out of control and He sees His plan playing out over the course of time. As I consider these differences in perspective, I’m thankful that His ways are higher than mine. I’m also challenged to align my perspective with His. It might be difficult at first, but I’ll be better off when I look at life from His perspective.


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