The Bag of Shame


Today was one of those exciting mornings that have become somewhat regular for our family. I’ll spare you the details and suffice it to say the events of the morning included a last second dash to the curb because I forgot to take the trash out; the discovery of water under the sink; a child manifesting sickness of multiple varieties; having to change my clothes as a result of said sickness and finding that the baby had decided it was a good time to redistribute all the clothing in her room. And, by the way, this all transpired before 11:00. I write with trepidation at what the remainder of the day might bring.

However, as per the usual, we found some humor in the midst of this mess. As I was dashing around cleaning up the sick child who hadn’t quite made it to the bathroom, my oldest followed me. Observing the chaos, he comments on the nature of the accident and says, “Dad, go get the bag of shame.”

Some context is probably necessary here. We have a prize bag at our house. The idea is that if the kids do something exceptional throughout the course of a day, then they get to reach into the bag and choose a reward. Well, to my very logical 8 year old, it seemed to make sense that we should also have a bag of shame. I laughingly explained that we do not have a bag of shame, though my imagination admittedly runs a bit wild at the thought of what we could put in that bag.

As the day progresses, I find myself thankful that the craziness always passes and that God doesn’t keep a bag of shame either. We are so prone to mistakes, foolish decisions and even sin that we would always be partaking of this bag. Instead, he offers patience and forgiveness and blessing. Thank you Lord for your undeserved favor on your children.


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