Pillar of Truth

Sunday mornings around our house are a little chaotic, to say the least. I won’t bore you with the details of our morning routine, but imagine something like the merger of a greased pig contest and an emergency evacuation at the mall. Yep, it’s a little like that and this morning was no different. I sent the kids downstairs with permission to watch TV after they put on their socks and shoes. Sometime later, I make my way downstairs to make sure they’ve accomplished this small task. I find them cuddled together quite adorably under blankets on the couch and I ask, “Do you guys have your socks and shoes on?” To my surprise, they all answer yes. Now, my surprise was due to the fact that unbeknownst to them I had just walked past their shoes on my way to confront them and knew that they didn’t have them on. So I ask again, “Are you sure you have your socks and shoes on?” to which they respond with a chorus of “maybe”, “not really” and I think a growl or two.

To be honest, this is not all that unusual and after I issued the obligatory command not to lie and to put on their shoes I promptly forgot all about it. Until, that is, I was sitting in church later listening to our pastor preach about the “Famine of Truth” in our culture today. As he spoke about the tendency of our culture to talk about truth, but not really expect or adhere to it I nodded along in full agreement. He’s absolutely right that the unsaved world has no regard for truth and that the American judicial, political, academic and moral systems no longer value or promote truth as the highest ideal. However, his words brought to mind my morning incident with my children and I was reminded that the battle for truth is not one being fought merely on the far away battlefield of Washington, Hollywood or the academic institutions of the world. It is a battle being fought in my community and yours; my church and yours; my home and yours.

I don’t mean that you and I are liars who never tell the truth. I mean that just as I did with my kids this morning, we often feel overwhelmed by the attacks against truth and just give in with a mild rebuke at best. This is a direct failure of one of the primary responsibilities of God’s church. According to the Apostle Paul, we are to be “the pillar and foundation of the truth (I Tim 3:15).” Jesus said “I am the truth”, so our primary responsibility as the church is to hold up that truth. Not our version of the truth. Not our personal preference. Not our pet obscure doctrine. No – we must hold up the truth of Christ come to be the Savior of the world.

In my confrontation with my children, I failed to be a pillar of the truth. Not because I believed what they said – I knew they were lying. Not because I couldn’t prove it – I had their shoes. Not because I thought it was ok or approved of the lie – I was actually quite irritated. I failed to be a pillar for truth because I did not make the truth a priority. I did not take the extra time to point them to Christ in the midst of their childish lie. I know that some will say I’m over-reacting, but it is in these small arenas of church and home that we first began to lose this battle for truth and it is here that we must take back our lost ground. We must determine that we will no longer miss opportunities to combat a lie with the truth of Christ. We must determine that we will no longer accept or promote a counterfeit truth. We must be the pillars of truth that Jesus planned for us to be.


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