A Quiet Life

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all of life’s demands? Ever feel too busy or inadequate to juggle the tasks at hand? I think most people experience this from time to time as we try to handle the pressures of work, family, friends and church. Being busy is a normal part of life, but how much is too much?

The Bible speaks to this issue in I Thessalonians 4:11 when Paul urges believers to live a quiet life. Quiet, as Paul is using it, means to be undisturbed, settled and less frantic. He is calling us to a life that is calm and not full of disorder and chaos. Paul’s statement reminds me of Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God.” Someone who is frantic, always on the move and unsettled is often a bother to others and distracted from their walk with the Lord. We need calmness of heart. I believe this is the answer to our question of how much is too much. We are too busy if our pace of life is a distraction from what is truly important. We cannot let the busyness of life hinder our walk with the Lord or our testimony to others. Unfortunately, we all find ourselves in this place from time to time, so what can we do? Here are some thoughts I had.

  • Stop – for a minute, a day, whatever you need. Get away from what is stressing you out and get alone with God. Jesus did this several times during his earthly ministry.
  • Sort things out – figure out what God’s priority is for your life. You may need to reorganize or even cut back.
  • Start over – Don’t stay on the sidelines, but get back to work in a calm and peaceful manner. You can even be busy, but be busy at what matters for eternity.
  • Spend time with God every day. You cannot afford to miss your daily appointment with Him. If you want to live quietly and peacefully, spend some time with the author of peace.

Jesus, the Prince of Peace, says come to me and I will give you rest. If you are distracted, frazzled and frantic, spend some quiet time with Him. It thrills my heart to know that no matter how crazy life gets, I can live quietly in the midst of it by resting in His Peace. I welcome your thoughts. How do you deal with the busy pace of life?