Pursuing the “Already Gone”

I just finished reading Already Gone by Ken Ham and Britt Beemer. Having heard about it for some time now, it was not the alarmist, reactionary and extreme book that I expected to find (although it does read a little like a 190 page commercial for AIG). On the contrary, I found a very reasonable and passionate plea to refocus the church on the entirety of God’s Word and thus win back our younger generation through the sincerity, holiness and relevance that would naturally follow. I highly recommend this book to all, but that is not the purpose of this article.

In addition to finishing this book today, my Bible reading took me to Psalm 78 where we are reminded of God’s command to Fathers to teach their children about God’s command so that they can teach their children. The focus of all this teaching is found in verse 7, “so that they should set their hope in God and not forget the works of God, but keep his commandments.” Setting our hope in God implies to me (at least in part) that we are confident in His relevance and sufficiency. We are to equip our children to be confident that God is the answer to the questions they have. With the book in my mind, and this verse before me, I was compelled to consider whether or not I intentionally do this with my children and all those who I am responsible for. Do I merely talk about God, or do I teach why I place my hope in Him and why they can do the same?

The thought that is racing through my mind is that we should be systematically teaching the Bible in a way that confronts the material that is being presented through every other medium. It is safe to assume that all secular media, entertainment and education is at best not promoting a Christian worldview and many times they are, in fact, undermining it. The challenge I find before me this morning is to faithfully and intentionally live and teach the Word in a way that confronts, not hides from, the issues that are constantly facing us today. Whatever the ultimate solution to the challenge that is before the church today, it has to begin with individuals devoting themselves to a life of godliness based on a hope in God and the authority of His Word. I pray that this might increasingly become my focus, and that you might join me.